Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Christmas Presents!!!

We came home after running some errands and saw 2 of these boxes on our front steps. I knew what they were - our Christmas gifts from our friends Laura & Steve.
The outside box
The contents of MY box. Greg was in such a hurry he opened his before I could snap his picture.

All my gifts opened and layed out: a shiny pen, a pin chushion, a scissors pin, a box of pins, a book of Christmas stories (with 3 being about angels), check out my blue angel (she is made of 100% natural ingrediants, oh and the little pin by the shiny pin and Merry Christmas tag (isn't that the cutest tag?) is the daintiest little vintage fly pin. Oh almost forgot the red (have I mentioned its my favorite color?) scarf. Can't wait to wear it with all my new pins scattered on it.

Me with my gifts:

Greg and his gifts: A Michigan hoodie and a bag of jerky (its yummy)

I think this is about the bestest box of gifts I have received in a few months (sorry Laura you can't top my birthday gift of an engagement ring). I'm putting it in writing for the world to see that this box was obviously gathered with love and care. Greg's was also - it took soem work for someone in Texas to find a Michigan hoodie.

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