Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas celebration 2009

We had my son AJ, his girlfriend Kelly and my brother Tommy over for our own private party. We had lots of food and fun.

AJ & Kelly goofing off as she is opening a gift.
Simba enjoyed checking out the pile of wrapping paper.
My new retracting hose.

Greg got a new movie.

My Boo.

The new towels I had asked for.

AJ is a big Nemo fan and I found these wall decals this past summer. On his lap is his new ornament.

Tommy opening his bag of goodies.

Along with the kids comes the dog - Bentley. Him and Simba have not seen each other since early this past summer. At that time Ben was a baby and smaller then Simba - not so anymore. But they got along quite well and actually had fun together.

Kelly and Ben holding up her new ornament.

Worn out Simba just wanted a nice warm kind place to lay down.

Before the evening started I brought Tweet out to see everyone. Simba decided that Tweet is no fun to play with and layed down for a nap.

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