Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Early Christmas gift

Greg & I went to WalMart today to pick up something for AJ. Greg also had me pick up a couple of the things I want for Christmas. So I had Gone With the Wind (70 anniversary edition) on my wish list - got it. I also have a cast iron dutch oven on it - did not get it way to expensive ($60.00). I also had the Deen Boy's new cookbook on the list. WalMart did not have it but I spied this one instead.

Not only did I get the cookbook but they have online access to 301 more recipes AND a free 1 year subscription to Taste of Home magazine!!! Yippee I had to hold myself so I wouldn't jump around all excited. I love the Taste of Home magazines!!! I check every book sale and every yard sale I attend and buy them up. Then I do this - go thru looking at every recipe and I list everyone that I think we will like on the front cover. Each page is marked with a post it.

Now after I carefully peruse and mark this cookbook it will join my other cookbooks. See the blue binder in the picture below? I have 3 more black binders with recipes hiding under the red curtain on the shelf below. They hold the single recipes that I find in magazines or on line.

This is the other bookcase - 2 shelves full of cookbooks. Most are mine but I have one special one. Second shelf all the way on the left side with no binding - it was my mom's cookbook. She got it when her and my Dad married in 1964. It holds many of the recipes that I use for Christmas cookies.

Only problem is that my shelves are full. I see some rearranging in my after Christmas future. Looks like my reading books will be moved to another bookcase.

Happy reading, happy cooking, happy eating and God Bless.

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  1. I have a lot of cookbooks too; I'm one of those cooks whose cookbook collection is greater than my cooking, LOL.

    I bought one of those Taste of Home cook books a few years ago, it's really nice! I also have a couple of notebooks full of recipes I want to try that I have found in magazines or online, and another notebook that I move those recipes too when I have tried them and liked them.