Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Today was the final celebration the whole Logan family. We all met at my Dad's for lunch and presents. Due to a couple of family members with 2 parties we opened presents first then we ate.

This is my brother Tom with his gift from AJ & Kelly.
From left to right: stepmom Patti, Tom and the youngest brother Rob. Brother-in-law Jim and niece Lauren (picture deleated due to her rude behavior)
The tree with all the presents.

Family from left to right: Kelly (you all have met her before), Sister-in-law Shala (Rob's wife) and my man.
Family left to right: Rob, Taylor (his oldest), Anna (his middle child) and Brandon (his youngest) with his back to us.

One of the ornaments - I think the bear is cute. Yes Patti was watching me so he couldn't come home with me.

View of the tables left to right nephew Zack, AJ, Kelly, on the right is Lauren.
That's it I forgot to get a couple people but you all have seen Dad and Patti.
Christmas is over and now we can start getting ready for next Christmas. When does Target go to 75% or 90%???
Thank you for reading, merry Christmas and blessings for a wonderful 2010.

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