Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas season has started.

Our little helper - Simba. Yes he likes the lights, he likes to help put them up (mostly by getting under my feet), he helps take them down (usually before its time to take them down) and he is the chief light check assistant.
I/we started putting up our Christmas decorations. I consider myself a very lucky woman, Greg is very supportive of my decorating notions. Lucky for me he carries in the 6 - 18 gal plastic totes, the 2 cans full of lights and he found the 2 cardboard boxes for me.
This is the bookcase 3 1/2 shelves. The very top on has my special Christmas plates. Next is the Santa shelf. The thrid one is the Navitity shelf 3 kits. The final 1/2 shelf are my special books.
The outside lights are started - we hung the strands around the awning and around the door. Also we hung the lighted packages from the awning.
Stay tuned I have more to put up once I find them in the totes.

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