Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sometimes you have to improvise

I wanted to sew today, I had the need to sew, iron, cut just do something. I found just about everything I needed to cut out Kelly's apron. I ironed the wrinkles, I matched up the sides (not fun to do alone), opened the pattern, laid everything out to find what I was missing. The pins to hold everything in place. I couldn't even find clothespins, no chip clips (they are all being used) so I improvised.

Finally a good use for vegetables!!!!


  1. Hi Laura, you have inspired me to get out a project I started on a while back and finish it for my sister. Good luck with yours.
    Cheers linpin from dte

  2. Great practical solution. I use the weights from the bottom of some old vertical blinds when I need to hold a pattern piece in place.

  3. Thanks for visiting ladies and yes I will be finding some weights that are smaller. It worked out so nicely not having to worry about the pins.