Thursday, February 4, 2010

$16 a month meat challenge - Month 2

Honestly I was getting worried what would the "meat" of the month be? Well when we got the Sav-A-Lot ad this week that question was answered. Nothing to original just ground beef. So I arranged a ride over to this new store to take a look around. I've also read that they offer store coupons and accept (at face value only) manufacturer coupons. So I checked the website and did print some coupons that could come in handy.

Now just a bit about this chain. They are very similar to Aldi's, low cost no frill grocey store. Not to mention that Aldi's is Kelly Bear's employer. No frills means grab a box to carry your goodies out of the store. They do not stock the shelve more like open the box and let the folks get the stuff themselves. The produce looks good; I bought bananas 3 lbs for $1 (49 cents a pound at Kroger) & tomatoes 3 for 99 cents. I checked out the frozen foods - nice selection. The meat looks good I found the ground beef I was after in 2 different package selections. The first was a huge tube of meat and then the regular family size packs. I chose the family size packs since it was nicer looking than the huge tube.

I also checked out the baking aisle (to use the coupons I printed) flour was $1.49 for a 5 pound bag used a 50 cent coupon (cheapest is $1.70 at Kroger) and a 48oz bottle of vegetable oil was $1.49 with a $1 coupon.

Very interesting store that I most likely will visit again once it gets warmer and I won't mind waiting for the bus to come back around.

Back to the challenge I got 14.12 pounds of 73% ground beef for a total of $16.66. When I came home and broke it down I packaged 17 packets of meat for the freezer. (I do really need to get a kitchen scale). I haven't made plans for it its just sitting in the freezer.

Thank you for reading and blessings, Laura

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  1. I do love Aldi, but I wish we did accept coupons for our special purchase name brand items.