Friday, February 5, 2010

Lovely day

We are having problems with our electric so I just wanted to post real quick.

I had a very fruitful day. I had to pay a couple bills (yuck but necessary). So while I had address labels and envelopes out I mailed in some rebates.

Then I added up the great week I had:
I received a $5 Amazon gift certificate from Swag Bucks.
I turned in points from for another $10 Amazon gift certificate
Not to mention my freebies from Walgreen's and Rite Aid on Monday.
Received $3 for a Pinecone survey (that is in my savings account - $10 saved for a home improvement project this summer)
Mailed $15.48 in rebates today
Received the following coupons:
2 free packages of Golden Double stuff Oreo's
free bag of Kroger mini carrots
Also received coupons from ConAgra and more Kroger store coupons.
Oh and I sold a can of air freshener and put that dollar towards buying for my next yard sale. (Tentatively scheduled for June 1st)

Finished my day by making 2 loaves of bread and turning the old loaf into bread crumbs and croutons.

Blessings and thank you for reading, Laura

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