Friday, February 19, 2010

Wal mart shopping

One of our neighbors offered us a ride to Walmart today. I jumped at the chance instead of riding the bus. Yeah yeah I know not using the public transit but it wasn’t just for me the neighbor was going anyways. I really needed to get out of the house I was getting stir crazy.

So I did find a few good deals:
Stacy Pita chips finally found them to use my free coupon. I got the plain with a hint of salt I liked them Greg does not care for them. $2.68
6 packets of Star Kist tuna $1 each and I used 3 $1 off 2 coupons = 50 cents each.
6 Progresso High Fiber soup $1.50 each and I used $1.10 off coupons = 40 cents each. I bought the Tomato Basil thinking I will use it for cooking. 2 Smart something macaroni $1.28 - .75 cents off coupons = 53 cents each. And the reciept is not help its just says Elbows and honestly I am to tired to go into the other room, dig them out and find out what brand they are. Besides that would require that I walk past Simba who is playful today and keeps attacking my feet (and anything else that strikes his fancy).
1 Cat chow cat food $3.27 – 1.00 = $2.27
1 Tide single load packet .97 - .35 cents coupon = 62 cents

Sub total $28.54
After coupons $13.83
Saved $14.71


  1. Awesome deals! The macaroni is Ronzoni smart taste, has tons of fiber, but doesn't taste like a whole wheat pasta (which is usually chewy and icky). Wow, you are an inspiration to me, with your frugality. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks Sarah for the pasta name - it is good. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I'm just trying to make do with what I am provided.