Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy day

Didn't do much today - no way am I venturing out into that wind. We did not lose power last night - of course I was prepared for it. Greg thought I was nuts but we have lost power 4 times since last July. But I did bundle up and take one for the team (you guys) to get a couple pictures of the event last night. I had to stand in front of the mobile home or the wind would have about knocked me down.
This one is from my front steps - under the awning.

This one is from the front of the mobile home under the Pine tree. I was trying to show how the wind was blowing the snow in pretty designs on the driveway.

So after my internet time today I spent the afternoon scrapbooking. I did 4 pages of Christmas 2008. This first one I decided to save the cards - some I cut down just to keep the picture. The bear one is from my Baby bears.

This one is for Living Nativity at church you can see my brother Tom is the blue, Greg is in white/red and the picture of the 3 Wisemen includes both of them with my Dad (in the middle).

And you know all those little scraps of paper - some of which make fun little noises? Yeah (sign) right after I dumped the trash bowl on the floor I had help. Simba reached in and kept taking the wrappings from the glue dots out and chewing them.

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