Thursday, February 11, 2010

The house guard is fired!!

By guard I mean Simba. I mean really what good is he, lots of love, trying to trip you by saying good morning while wrapping around your feet. Hogging the heat in the living room and letting people use their keys to enter our house.

Greg & I were out & I heard my phone beep that I had missed a call. So I check and Baby Bear AJ called me (YIPPEE YIPPIE JOY JOY). So when I call back he said we left you some things on your cabinet. I asked what and he told me. I asked what would you guys like in return - nothing just post it on your blog (Yes Kelly Bear is a faithful follower).

We get home and sure enough the stuff is here and the cat is covering the heat vent (No he didn't bother getting up). I called AJ real quick and asked if the guard cat had at least moved when they came in. Yes he did get up and was talking to them.
So here it is on my blog and I guess I'll keep the cat but he is no longer the guard cat. I think I need a tiger for that!!!


  1. That is so sweet,i love the photo,he's gorgeous!!my baby run's and hides if anyone comes in,so she's also no guard cat,i will send yoou my sister's Cat,she attack's everyone,my Sis has to lock her in another room,very dangereous,Ha,lovely story,thank you for sharing.

  2. Shy is not a word I use for Simba. Thank you he is a great cat very loving and so sweet.

  3. My 3 "Guard" dogs are the same way. They are happy to see anyone that passes through the door.

  4. My Kallie likes to sit on the heat vents too, lol.