Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some great shopping and this months' food pantry donation

Our Krogers was/is doing triple coupons this weekend. I didn't have many coupons that would triple (50 cents and lower)- honestly I wish they would super double (double all from 55 cents to $1.00).

I surprised myself I didn't just whilley nilley toss everything into my cart I thought and judged by what I would use.

Some of my good deals are:

6 Pillsbury grands biscuits with coupons and the Daytona $1.80 for buying 10 items special I paid $3.54 for all 6 BUT then a $4.00 on your next shopping order coupon came out.

I used my BOGO egg coupon

2 Free packages of Golden oreo cookies

2 Betty Crocker boxed potato mixes - 59 cents each and will get donated.

1 Betty Crocker pouch of potatoes - 9 cents and donated

1 can of Rotel tomatoes with chilis - 2 cents keeping them I'm about out of homegrown tomatoes. Don't worry over the past 3 weeks they have been on sale I have about 10 cans stashed away.

2 French's whorchester (sorry about the spelling) sauce - 49 cents and will donate 1.

2 Franks hot sauce - 9 cents each and I will donate both.

I also picked up the oat bran I was looking for and a package of wheat flour. That opens up different types of bread that I can make. I'm doing real well with the white bread - time to move on.


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  1. Do you mean Worcestershire sauce? It's actually pronounced Wooster sauce as Worcester is the town and adding the shire bit is the county.