Monday, February 22, 2010

So last night I was doing my usual Sunday night activity – cutting coupons. First I cut out the weekly coupons and then go thru the ads for goodies.

I went thru the Rite Aid ad – just a couple deals I’m interested in and the Kroger ad really sad this coming week. And then I opened the Walgreen’s ad – ah delight.

To start I have the following register rewards (RR) from 2 weeks ago that I must use by Thursday end of day: a $6, 3 - $5 and 2 - $1.50. So I broke the list down by each RR.

$6 RR
Gillette Fusion razor $8.99 - $4 coupon = $4.99
3 cans (8 oz) cans of Hunt’s tomato sauce = $1.17
Total out of pocket (oop) = 16 cents give or take I’ll have tax on the razor
I will receive another $4 RR for the razor. In turn I can sell the razor for $5 at my yard sales this summer.

$3 RR #1
Excederin female formula $2.50 - $2.00 coupon = 50 cents
Excederin another formula $2.50 - $1.00 coupon = $1.50
2 rolls Big Bath tissue $1.00
Total OOP approx 7 cents (tax on tissue)
I will receive $2 RR for female Excederin

$3 RR #2
Excederin female $2.50 - $2 coupon = 50 cents
Goody hair scrunchies $2.99
Total OOP $3.50
I’ll get back another $2 RR for the Excederin and another one for the hair things.
I can either sell the hair things at the yard sales or put them in the donation box.

$3 RR #3
Excederin female $2.50 - $2 coupon = 50 cents
Can of Maxwell House coffee $2.50
OOP tax approx 7 cents
I’ll get the $2 RR for the Excederin

$1.50 RR #1
Can of Salmon (about the only fish I will eat) $1.49
Orbit multipack $1.09 (reported price I’m not positive) - $1.00 coupon = 9 cents
No tax all considered food oop under 15 cents

That is where I gave up last night. I still have 1 - $1.50 RR, another Excederin $2 coupon, and I think 2 $1.00 Excederin coupons. Then late last night I discovered another deal.

In yesterday’s paper we received a $3 off Neosporin AND Band Aids coupon. I also have the Walgreen’s Activity book with coupons for Neosporin & Band Aids character band aids. So I posted on Refund Cents asking if they could all be used and the verdict is yes!!! They can be used and my OOP will be about $1.50. I’ll keep the Neosporin but can sell the Band Aids at the yard sales. I think they will sell well we have lots of kids in the park and if they are cheap the parents will buy them.

Then to make the morning even better I received a coupon for free Excederin (up to $5.99) . Better believe I will be buying the biggest bottle of ANY kind of Excederin to use it even if I have to pass up the $2 rr. Beautiful time for pain killer to go on sale/special deal I was down to 2 small bottles in the cabinet.

I'm sure someone is wondering why buy all the Excederin seperate. The RR will only print for 1 bottle per order. Doing the orders in this manner means I will maximize my savings, my future RR and keep my OOP low. Also my store gets a stocking shipment in on Thursday - so if something is low I can go back Thursday late afternoon and finish up.

Happy savings, happy shopping and many blessings, Laura

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  1. People should call you the "Coupon Queen"!!

    I am giving you a "Sunshine Award".