Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Awesome trip to Walgreen's

Can you see why Walgreen's is one of my favorite stores?

3 pack paper towels (they were supposed to be toilet paper I didn’t read the package) $3
20 oz Diet Coke $1.59
2 6 oz Lindsay olives (I chose the black ones) regular price 2/$4, on sale for 99 cents each and I had a $1 off 2 coupon = 50 cents each. Also these are big cans so I will split them up and probably get 2 possibly 3 meals from each can
4 Nivea Lip balm ah my favorite deal regular price $2.99 each used a BOGO coupon so they took off $5.98 and then the Walgreen’s coupon took off $8 because they had them on sale for 99 cents.
Neosporin ointment $5.99 used a Walgreen’s coupon that took off $2 then used a $3 off 2 for buying Neosporin AND Band Aids
Band Aids Dora the Explorer on clearance for $2.69 used a Walgreen’s coupon for $2 off
So total for those 2 is $8.68 - $3 manu coupon - $4 Walgreen’s coupon = $1.68
Flashlight (we only have 2 – well 3 now - so I am stocking them as I find them cheap) $1.50
2 Right Guard deorderant BOGO $3.39 - $2/2 manu coupon = 2 for $1.39. Depending on the stash I have for the garage sale these will either end up there or in the donation box.
Colgate toothpaste $2.99 used a 75 cents manu coupon received $2 in register rewards = 24 cents. Another addition to the donation box.
Reach toothbrush on sale 99 cents each but they were out so the Manager sold me a 2 pack for $1.98 each and I used a $1 manu coupon = 2 for 98 cents. Donation box
Excederin migrane 100 count bottle with a free 24 count bottle attached $6.99 finally used my free Excederin coupon for $5.99 final cost $1.

Used my remaining $10 in register rewards from last week
Total out of pocket $4.51 - $2 rr for next week = $2.51

For donations I have the following event coming up: the youth of our church are going Downtown to hand out lunch and health & Beauty supplies to the homeless. They will appreciate the H&B supplies plus they have a food pantry so I can take any food items I have there also.

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