Monday, March 29, 2010

Guide to Walgreen's shopping

Now lets put some of your new couponing skills to work. I love Walgreen’s they have at times wonderful bargains. At least once a month they will have Dawn dish soap on sale for 99 cents, right after the P&G coupon insert is released. Combine the 99 cent sale with the Dawn coupon, usually 25 cents off and stock up.

Now this is my plan for this week:

As you walk in the door grab the Walgreen’s coupon booklet (right there with the ads).

I’m going to walk you through how I would do it based on my store layout.

Right down the aisle to razors. Bic Hybrid disposable are $4.99 - $2 mc - $1 walgreen’s coupon = $1.99.

Dove products 2/$7.00 and when you buy $12 you get $4 RR back. So check your coupons – I have 3 for $1.25 off Dove Mens Care body wash and jut yesterday we got $1 off for the same thing. Combine 4 body wash = $14.00 - $4.75 in coupon - $4 rr = 4 body wash for $5.25.

Check the Garnier hair products $5.99 each but if you buy $20 you get a $10 rr back. I couldn’t find any coupons but for me 4 Garnier products for $10? My favorite hair color (I’m a 69 Spicy Salsa) and shampoo or conditioner for $2.50 each, I’ll take that deal. Grab either 2 shampoo and 2 conditioner or in my case 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner and 2 hair colors if they have #69.

Dove hair care is $4 with a $4 rr = FREE. Now my coupon from 3/28 is $2.50/2 so I’ll grab 2 (1 of each shampoo and conditioner) = $8 - $4 RR - $2.50 mc = 2 for $1.50 and I’ll sell it at my yard sale. Now you ask why won’t I get $8 in RR? – the RR system is set up so that you will not get multiple rr for multiple products. You have to do each one as a separate order to get separate RR. To use my coupon I am willing to give up the extra $4 RR..

Now the feminine aisle: Stayfree pads are $3.99 this week minus the $2 mc from this weeks paper = $1.99. Never goes bad and if you’re a younger lady you’ll be needing them for a few years.

Now lets head to cleaning:

Lysol’s new no touch system $14.99 - $5 walgreen’s coupon (from the book you grabbed at the door) - $5 mc from yesterday’s paper = $4.99. Fair price I think but save your receipt and the UPC code it’s a new product. Quite often when a new product comes out there is usually a Try Me free refund.

Turn around to mouth cleaning ie the toothpaste aisle.

Den Tek floss is $2 - $1 mc (it expires 3/31 so get in early) - $2 RR = free without the coupon or $1 profit if you do. STOCK UP this is one of those products that you need (you like your teeth right?) and it never goes bad. Remember do each one separate and don’t clean the shelves only do 2 or 3 at a time.

Turn the corner to health needs: Walgreen’s One a Day vitamins are on sale for $3 for the 100 count. Great deal that they make better you get a $3 RR. Free vitamins!!! Stock up BUT watch your expire dates remember reach to the back for the new dates.

Final item head to food:
I see spices 2/$1.00. Granted they are usually the off name brand but for your spices that you use quickly (Parsley & Garlic or Cajun seasoning in my case) these are good enough. And for my Down to Earth ladies - its Winter here in Ohio no parsley or Garlic ready yet.

Now there are a couple more things about these Register Rewards that you need to know. You cannot use the RR to pay for your next order of the same product. I cannot use the Garnier RR to pay for my next Garnier transaction. BUT I can use it for the Den Tek, vitamins, Stayfree and Bic razors and some other items you need to get your dollar total up to the value of the RR. When you use a RR to buy something for another RR its called rolling and it’s a good thing.

There is also a Walgreen coupon to product ratio – your number of products must be equal or more than your coupon count. If you have 8 products but 9 coupons grab something cheap – like the 39 cent Hershey’s or a 59 cent purse pack of tissues. Now if your paying with a RR that does count as a coupon so include it in your count

Hint while your walking around check for when they are restocking. My store restocks on Thursday so if I’m doing repeat trips I make sure that I go either late Thursday or Friday after the sold out supplies have been replaced (hopefully). Get a rain check if your there before restocking and they are out, check after stocking and if they are still out get another one (you don’t have to tell them its your second one!!!). Again more time to gather extra coupons and stretch out that sale price.

Any questions? Was I clear enough? Please let me know.

Blessings and good luck

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