Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sissy's/Girls day out

The girls - myself, Shala and Kelly Bear
You now every once in a while you need a girls day out. I really really needed one but didn’t realize it until Shala said something.

I woke up this morning earlier than I usually am up and before the alarm went off. I got ready including full war paint!! I knew Shala would have hers on so I had to match. That and if you don’t use it you forget how to apply it. Well last night she had asked if we wanted to include Kelly Bear and of course YES!!!!

So Kelly bear came in to give me the latest gift – 2 more ducks!!!! (the basket and the yellow one in front) A singing duck that can stay in the bathroom and a plush duck basket that will go in the bookcase. Then we’re off!!!
This was a cute game that we found in Target - it stayed there but was cute enough for a picture.

First was Target and I was ready with my coupons. We did a cruise of the store and the first spot we stopped at were the ducks – I wanted to add to my collection. Well I found 2 cute ones but was unsure of the price of the spout cover. I decided that I would find a price scanner and only choose 1 based on the price. Well both were on sale for 50% off – so I took both. (They are in the above picture the pig and the big duck in the back) Then we got the other things we wanted; Sobe Life water (25 cents each), Revlon emery boards 10 pack (27 cents each), Crest kids toothpaste (free with overage of azbout 30 cents), Star Kist tuna (overage of 6 cents), Orbit multi packs (79 cents each), & cat treats ( 2 for 30 cents). Between Kelly and myself we are converting Shala to the coupon side of life. Plus Shala has a co-worker that gives her lots of coupon inserts each week. Her lessons start next week!!! My bill was $40.77 and after coupons $22.42 (not including tax). And in that total was the $5.04 spout cover, $2.54 rubber duck, $9.99 Nerf gun refills (nephews birthday gift).

Then over to Hobby Lobby and a cute but a normally expensive accessory store. Shala gave us a good laugh modeling a new purse she bought. Being the purse diva that she is she immediately put it to good use. Then over to Michael’s for more craft supplies where I bought Taylor’s (my 13 year old niece) birthday gifts and some other things.

Lunch was at Tim Horton’s

We were loud, we had fun and I’m ready to take a nap before I go to church tonight. Blessings

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day!!