Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I ran out real quick to get the mail and discovered it was a wonderful day. The sun was shining – help I can’t see!!! The birds were chirping – duck!!! The squirrels were running around chattering – leave my apple tree alone!! Obviously the ground moles did not hibernate for the winter. Don't ya' just love what they do to a yard?

So I decided to sit outside under the apple tree for a bit. It’s been a long, cold, yucky, gloomy winter here in Toledo. So in between the areas of snow I sat in the sun reading a magazine and soaked up some sun. One part of the yard that is not getting much sun - my garden.
Once I was done reading I looked around and saw quite a few branches that had broken off Miss Maple this winter. I like to collect thin branches and break them up for fire kindling. Surprisingly the ground was not muddy but rather firm except for the areas of fallen leaves that our neighbor did not pick up from his yard. I filled a small bucket full of fire kindling.
Then I looked over the yard again and decided that I was going into the field to get the larger branch that was sitting out there. I need gloves to break off the branches on this and I'm pretty sure that Greg will have to cut down the branch itself. I'm not thinking I'll be breaking that with my hands.

I'll have to check on my supplies of fire starters - it maybe time to make more for this fire season. Gee if the weather stays nice maybe Greg will dig out the pit so we can have a fire this weekend?

Oh honey (as I bat my eyes) would you get out the fire pit please? Can I bribe you with a coconut cake??? Maybe I should make the cake first THEN ask?!

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