Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sewing circle day - Saturday March 6

Today was the monthly sewing circle meeting at church. Its a wonderful idea - sew quilts for sick members and other that need comfort. But we really are suffering from a lack of participation. We had 3 help out today; myself, my stepmom Patti and Little Laura. I really should stop calling her Little but she is so very tiny and petite and so much younger it fits her.

We applied the batting and backing to one of the completed tops. We have it pinned and Patti started sewing on the binding.

We didn't get done today so we will finish it next month when we meet again.


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  1. I finished the quilt I was working on then yesterday evening!!! AND I finished the top to another one today. I even added a border and mitered the corners :)

    "Little" Laura