Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome Refund Cents readers

Today was post your blog link day on Refund Cents. So I am hoping that more faithful readers will join the ranks today. I saw one reply that Sharon from IL (Howdy to the neighbor state) that she will be signing up and checking as topics interest her. I'm hoping that I post many topics that appeal to all my readers.

I received an email from my sister-in-law today and it was decided that the sissy's need some time together. So we are going to spend Wednesday together shopping and gossiping. One of the stores planned for is Target!!! Yippee it has been so long since I got to visit Target. I've got coupons ready and I'm about to start the shopping list. And since Shala was looking in my boxes when I moved she won't be a bit surprised if I buy 24 bottles of body wash and only pay pennies for it. Lets just say that I don't reduce my stockpiles when I move and she has helped me move twice.
Welcome to new readers, thank you for the return readers and I hope to see everyone return often.



  1. Love your blog...we're doing similar things! God Bless, Tricia

    Here's a link to Stretching a Buck blog's list for Target. It might help you get done quicker. Nothing like sissies day!