Thursday, March 25, 2010

Internet coupons

These are a majority of the sites that have printable coupons available. Please before you waste any ink or paper call or check at your local stores to make sure they will accept internet coupons. Some of these sites print from the same place so you may not have certin coupons available in all places. I will give you a heads up if you are sent or find a coupon for a totally free item - don't waste your time. Most places/stores will not accept a internet printed coupon for a totally free item.

In addition to these listed check with your local grocery store chain’s website. Also check your favorite items for a website. Sometimes if you check on the site they may have coupons to print. You can also try emailing the companies and ask for them to send you coupons. Again check for the contact information on the website and there should be a contact us link. Sometimes you don’t get anything but sometimes you will get something. Always give them your mailing address.

Tomorrow natural food coupon links.


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