Friday, October 16, 2009

vacation Day 2

We woke up and decided to walk around the Riverwalk to check it out. The Riverwalk is a great idea and very beautiful. They arranged the river with a nice concrete border and bottom. I was told that this was for flood control. Well whatever the reason it is beautiful. There were plazas taken care of by various companies/groups such as our hotel. The plaza behind the hotel had a nice fountain with a pineapple centerpiece. There was also a metal mariachi band standing there in full color. We walked up as far as we could due to construction. As we were walking back to the hotel the riverboat barges passed us. They offer narrated tours of the Riverwalk – I hope that we can take one.

Laura & Steve picked us up for lunch and to get us to the new hotel. Lunch was at Hotel Menger a wonderful old hotel built in 1859. The dining hall was beautiful a bright yellow well lit room, HUGE. The food and service was great. They made omelets and waffles when you asked and I had a waffle made for myself. I love pecan waffles and asked her to add them to mine. It stuck to the waffle iron and the young lady was so sweet she wanted to remake it. I told her no and it got covered with strawberries, blueberries and whipped topping. You never knew it wasn’t perfect – it tasted perfect.

We then hit a local grocery store HEB for snacks and pop. Interesting store we had to enter thru the produce department. We were wandering around just amazed at the different produce such as all the peppers and get this so many different potatoes including purple ones!!! Huge pumpkins - bigger than what we see at home in the stores. For snacking we are definite potato chip fans, we tried a new flavor Salt & cracked pepper – Yummy!!!

Heading back to the hotel we drove thru Breckenridge Park. A wonderful huge beautiful park that we believe is the headwaters of the San Antonio River (the Riverwalk). It is also right next to the local zoo – we could see some of the different exhibits.

We then checked into the second hotel – The Crockett hotel. The room is great there are no curtains they use plantation shutters on the window and the closet doors. We are right across the street from The Alamo. We decided to walk around it tonight but started to late and it was locked up for the night. We walked to McDonald’s for dinner. We passed a nice waterfall plaza so we went back the same way so we could check it out. It was so neat different styles of waterfalls and pretty plants. We also interrupted a wedding – well we didn’t interrupt we just stared at the beautiful couple. The location was beautiful; water falling down stairs surrounding the steps of vegetation. The beautiful different trees with vines hanging under them.

As we were walking back to the hotel we were passed by the horse carriages. They were so wonderfully decorated and the horses were so big and handsome. They were stationed the block right before our hotel and we were able to pet a couple of them. One horse was a bit upset he was a beautiful black guy with a black carriage and he was wearing a cowboy hat. He was not interested in having any attention so he just turned away when I walked up and said hi to him.

We came back to the hotel for the night. I’m having a bit of trouble with the time change (San Antonio is 1 hour behind Toledo) all my shows are on at 7 pm instead of 8 pm. Oh but I did have fun earlier I found a different channel – SPEED. While watching I saw school bus (yes the yellow ones) demolition and Auto soccer

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