Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vacation day 5

Sorry I am dealing with a migrane but wanted to make this post. I owe you pictures.

Greg was tired and decided to spend his day in the usual Sunday fashion – watching golf and sleeping. I was meeting Laura, Steve and Kat for brunch so I left a bit early to wander around. I again walked thru the Alamo took more pictures and went across the street to the tourist trap shops AKA souvenir shops. I found a t-shirt that will be perfect for my dad but they didn’t have the correct size. It was time to go next door for lunch so I left. Since I was early I had time to check out the jewelry store that kat had told us about. I bought a pretty shell bracelet for my Step Mom and an Angel ornament for my collection. We all enjoyed lunch and the usual gossip. We parted company with all of us saying goodbye to Kat as she was heading home the next morning.

I decided to return to the first store to ask about the correct size for my Dad. They didn’t have any but did give me a suggestion of where to go to for one. Into the mall!! Ugh double ugh. I went back to the room to check on Greg and to collect my courage. Friends I hate the mall and I have not been in one for 4 years. After checking in and leaving my umbrella I went to the mall. Thankfully the store I wanted was right inside the door I went in and they had the shirt & size I wanted. 2 gifts down 2 to go. I decide that the mall didn’t look or sound so bad (no teenagers) so I went in. 3 story mall but get this no big girl clothing stores!!! I continue to wander around I checked out Macy’s checking for great deals (found none I am very picky about the prices I will pay). I checked in the Disney store for Nemo items – my son is a 23 year old Nemo freak and I was looking for unusual items – none.

I left the mall after that and returned to the Hotel room. I talked with my Aunt & Uncle that live here and will be seeing them probably Tuesday. It was very important that I had the chance to see my Aunt. I think after a while I will go out and wander around the hotel – got to figure out what to do about dinner. After a rest we went to McDonald’s for dinner – hey full of fat, not so good for you but we like it, its close and cheap. We then wandered around the long way in front of the Alamo heading back to the hotel. Tonight some of the carriages were lit up and so pretty I got my picture. Oh a funny thing when we were walking to Mcdonalds. We spotted one of the horse eating a nearby tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it was but it had pretty purple flowers.

We came back to the hotel and watched tv for the night.

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