Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well the day started way to erly (4:59 am). Greg & I went to Kroger's today I got a bit upset at their prices. yesterday when I was at Meijer's I passed on the Fleischman's yeast (3 pack) strips ($1.37 - .80) and I would get a $.50 OYNSO (on your next shopping order) = so basically blessed near free. I thought the price would be cheaper at Kroger and I shop at Kroger nearly every week so it wouldn't go to waste. WRONG!!! They didn't have the 3 count strip they had 4 count for $2,27.

And that was after a stop at the pharmacy to check on the cost of filling a script - $25!!! for one month!!! I can get it filled at the clinic for $4!!! granted its a pain to go wait and get back on a bus but that's $21 in my pocket. I did tell the Pharmasist that it is cheaper at the clinic (I was hoping for a price match) but he didn't go for it.

i was so upset and disappointed that I got what I needed and left not much stockpiling. I did get some fairly good deals:
chuck blade roast (managers mark down) $5.21
a chuck steak (that we can split between us) $3.21
5 pounds of ground beef 80/20 for $8
a free packet of mashed potatoes (catalina from a previous trip)
2 bags of pecan halves (to use for baking and Christmas gifts DON'T LOOK LAURA!!!) $2.99 each
1 bag of walnut halves $2.99

Between coupons, double coupons and sale prices I only saved 30%. I read that next week they will be having another Mega sale hopefully that will be better for our house. Happy shopping :)

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  1. I closed my eyes when I got to the part where you said don't look, so your secret is safe!