Friday, October 23, 2009

Ah back to shopping

I saw a note posted about the Meijer's one day sale tomorrow. That lead to checking the ad and only finding 2 items that I wanted. So I checked tghe regular ad to see what else they had - bingo. I was kind of putting off going due to some rain and it would take 2 buses to get there. Then I got a phone call "do you need a ride anywhere?" Yes do you mind going to Meijer's? Nope when do you want to go a bout 1:30? Sure

That was our park manager calling.

So I went with him to Meijer's. On the way he asked if 2 - 25 lb bags of Tidy Cawt litter for $4.95 was a good price. yes but I made it better and gave him 2 - $1 off coupons. So we went in (I was coupon support he uses them but was unsure of using 2 - he's new girls). I checked th eprice of the dry cat food $4.95 (better than WalMart) and I had $3 off coupons. So I got 3 bags of cat food and Bill got 2 bags of litter.

Meijers some of the best deals:

4 Totino's Pizza rolls .29 each. I did 2 with my order and Bill did the other 2 for me.

1 Hormel ready to eat entree $3.99 - $1.00 = $2.99; shelf price $5.99

1 Hormel Complete $1.98 - $2 = free no overage

1 Friskee's natural cat treat $1.89 - $1.89 = free
1 Hot Pockets $1.89 - $1 = $.89

I got several other items total saved was $21.54 and total spent $21.64.

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