Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal plan for this week and the shopping plan

Week of Oct 26 meal plans

Mon – Dilly Salmon patties (new recipe) - review will be coming
Tues – Chicken tacos (leftover chicken)
Wed – Greg is FFY/ I’ll eat potluck at church
Thurs – French toast
Fri – Greg FFY/ Me have a meeting and ordered a box dinner
Sat – Cheeseburger Pasta (new recipe)
Sun – roast and potatoes

FFY means Fend For Yourself – Baby Girl is not cooking. Now don’t feel bad for Greg as stand bys he has a choice of stuffed green peppers and a Hormel Entrée beef tips. And he is welcome to come to church and eat potluck

I have cereal, oatmeal, eggs and usually bacon or sausage for breakfast. Lunch we usually eat leftovers and sandwiches.

Shopping Plans
English roast BOGO
The following are part of the mega deal buy 10 get $5 off the order
Hormel pepperoni $2.99
2 Sweet Baby Ray sauce $1.49
Frank’s Hot sauce $2.49 (.50 coupon that will double)
Kotex $2.50 (2 - $1 coupon plus a $2/2 coupon)
Dannon Activa $2.29 (up from $1.88 3 weeks ago L) ($1 coupon)

Sauve for Men shampoo and/or deorderant 3/$5 - $2 RR (various coupons $.75 off deorderant and I think I have one for the men’s shampoo) = .25 deorderant (I can donate to the homeless shelter and my church’s food pantry).
Chap Stick fresh effects $2.99 - $2.99 RR = free!!!
Boy these would be great to roll between the 2 deals.

I can’t believe its not butter $1.29
Shredded cheese $1.49 (I like to stock up and store in the freezer)
Green Giant boxed veggies $.99
Martha White baking mixes $.88
Pillsbury Flour $1.99

Giant Eagle
The following are on sale 3/$5 plus buy 4 get a free Wilton 13x9 or cookie sheet (the pan will be part of the Christmas gift for my son and his girlfriend)
Betty Crocker warm delights - .50 coupon
BC Cookie mixes -.40 coupon
Nestle bagged candy $1.99 (B3G1f coupon)
Jimmy Dean items 4/$11
Top Care items 50% off ($.50 coupon)
Swanson broth 5/$3 plus buy 10 get $2 OYNSO
Nabisco cookies 2/$5 ($1/1 from Nabisco mailer) = .50
Grands 4/$7 b4 get free eggs (various coupons)
Energizer max batteries 25% off plus I have $.75 coupons
Comfort 3 razors $2.99 ($2.00 coupon)
Halls $1.00 (coupon)

Home Depot - yep while I am at Giant Eagle I need to stop and buy plastic for our windows. It's time to winter proof the home.


  1. Poor Greg. Those FFY days are brutal! Maybe, just maybe a new plasma flat screen for the man cave would make it better, lol. Ok, don't come back to SA just to hurt me Laura.. How were the salmon dill things? Do you use a lot of dill?

  2. No the recipe only called for 1/4 tsp I used nearly 1/2 and didn't taste the dill. They were good but nothing more than what Greg already cooks. No he is not getting a flat screen unless you want him and you can buy him one.

  3. Point taken..sorry Greg, no flat screen! lol