Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blessed Day

Granted the day started early (5:01 am) and wet but it has turned into a wonderful day. You see today I married the man I love. I’ve been alone for 19 years since my first marriage ended – well not completely alone I had my son AJ. Mr. Gregory Peeples is the man that accepted me as I am – a hard headed, stubborn, independent woman.

The day did indeed start off with rain but sure enough it cleared in time to hold the wedding outside in the church fountain garden. The sun even came out for a bit to help make things sunny and warm.

Most of my loved ones were able to attend but 3 were missing; My niece Lauren (away at college) and my sister-in-law Shala (first day at her new job) and my Mom (passed away 4 years ago). Downside none of Greg’s family could come from Detroit.