Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun shopping at the mall

Believe it or not but I went to the mall again today. Greg gave me $60 that he earned the other day and told me to buy some jeans with it. For paybacks I made him go with me (LOL).

We started by eating our nearly free lunch courtesy of Chik-Fil-A. Last week I had received a coupon for a free chicken sandwich. Then Chik-Fil-A is offering a free sandwich (Monday evenings only) for bringing in your Sunday church bulletin. We added 2 small drinks and an order of fries to complete the meal. If I remember right the free sandwich offer is good for the month of October.

Then with our tummy's satisfied we tackled the Mall. We passed Bath & Body works and I remembered the coupon tht I DIDN"T print off, walked past Build A Bear and remembered the coupon that I hadn't printed. We went to Lane Byrant (the big girls store) hey great day they had a sale on pants and jeans!!! $20 each pair!! good thing they cost $49.50 a pair!!
The salesgirl helped me figure out their sizing system - hey ladies I wear a size 4!!!! Well not for real but in Lane Byrant sizing I am a size blue 4. I got 2 pairs for $62.35. I know that sounds expensive but the jeans will last me a year hopefully 2 and I don't usually find nice looking jeans that fit me at Goodwill.

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