Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 7 vacation

Greg & I in front of the Alamo - sorry I can't figure out how to turn the picture.

We checked out of the Crockett Hotel and into the Hampton Inn. Greg & I spent the day with my aunt & uncle. Aunt Joyce and Uncle Pat - the really cool couple that never seem to slow down. Aunt Joyce is my Mom’s oldest sister and the only remaining member of her family. They picked us up from the airport and took us to their condo. Uncle Pat is retired Army and they live in a military complex – Air Force Village 1.

We started out at their condo with some chit chat, family gossip and family sharing. Then we walked up to the main building for the grand tour. Aunt & Uncle showed us all around the mail building and introduced us to some of their friends. Uncle Pat showed us the walls of pictures of the women residents that had served in the military – a good number I’m betting about 50.

And just as Aunt Joyce mentioned that usually they have some kind of a sale on Tuesday we saw the sign – Arts & Crafts sale!!! Greg moaned and I was very excited. I did buy 3 different craft books but not much else. We only had so much room in the luggage to get everything home.

After the sale we ate lunch in the dining room. Really good food, a good assortment and it was fun seeing the other residents all gather around.

Then we walked back to the condo for more chit chat. Aunt Joyce shared her family pictures and the pictures of the quilts that she has made. 81 and she is still making quilts – she admits it takes longer but she does beautiful work. As she was going thru things she found some pieces of fabric that she gave me, a pillowcase that one of the family members needlepointed, and some old towels that her mother had made. She offerend them to me and yes I grabbed them real quick – such nice work and a nice piece of family history from my Great Grandmother. After a bit we had to return to the hotel.

Steve & Laura picked us up for dinner. A fun steak house called The Little Red Barn. Then we drove Downtown stopping along the way at an old railroad station. Funny thing – I am blind in the dark – Greg hopped out of the car and came around to give me the guiding arm.

Once we got Downtown we were treated to a horse carriage ride. Our horse was named Brandy and she had quite a personality. As we wandered around town the driver was giving us a small bit of history. As we turned to return to the starting point we spotted a bar – Logan’s Bar. I had to take a picture – my maiden name is Logan – and I gave my dad a good bit of ribbing about the family secret.

We ended the night with Hagen Daz ice cream.

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