Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 3 The Bridal lunch and rehearsal party

Laura & Steve picked me up and we went to the luncheon. Laura set up the event in a different way. Us big girls; Laura, myself and card reader Tammy ate lunch while the bridal party ate a special lunch in a different room. The room was set up in a Mexican fiesta theme. Laura gave the girls a small piƱata (I want a couple for myself and for the kids), a necklace, a stretch bracelet (meant to wear for the wedding), either a hat or funny socks and some candy.

After all were done eating the big girls joined the Bridal party for personal card readings. Ihad never had my cards read and was excited to hear what Tammy would say. I have to say I agree with all she told me but one card I am unclear about. Both Laura and I are still trying to figure that out.

We then picked up Greg and headed over to the clubhouse for the rehearsal party. Laura & Steve’s condo has a wonderful party room and we used that for the party. We set up everything and got the food all set up before the party people arrived. We even had time to wander around the pool area and check it out. There was a 2 part lake and 4 pools of various depths. Ducks were swimming all around and really unless you had food they really didn’t pay any attention to you.

Coming back to the hotel we again saw the carriages all lit up I have to take a picture of them beautiful. By the time we got back to the hotel we were worn out. Greg went down to the Bar for a drink and within 15 minutes I was out!! Hogging the bed!!!

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