Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Special refrigerator art

I "work" in my church's nursery on Wednesday nights and have been for about a year. I usually only have one little girl, R. We have fun cause she likes to do arts and crafts and we have 3 closets of supplies. Tonight her mother suggested that we waterpaint. I thought she was insane but Mom assured me that even if R got paint on herself everything would be fine. So we did!!!

R painted 3 pictures, I painted 2. R gave me one of her pictures to take home. I was/am very excited this is the first time she has ever shared with me - she usually takes everything home. I also got to hear all about how Mommy and her painted while I was gone. I got quite a lecture that I was gone and couldn't paint with her that time.
So here I share my special refrigerator art.

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