Thursday, October 15, 2009

Return from vacation

Well we are home from the trip to Texas. We had a wonderful time but I had computer issues and could not post. What I am going to do I post day by day the daily events and photos.

Vacation Day 1

Got to Detroit metro 2 hours early. I had done the early online check in on Tuesday, I highly recommend this. First step was security; grab a bin, put in laptop, grab another bin put in purse taking out the baggie with computer wires. Grab another bin; take off shoes. Make sure Greg has his get thru machine free card (he had heart surgery and has wires in his chest can’t go thru security systems. I forgot to take off my jacket so I got extra screening (oops). We gather our bins (5 total) and head to the seats to gather ourselves. Then Greg tells me that I should have taken the laptop out of the bag – oops #2. What can I say I’m excited!!!

Then what gate??? All we see are Delta gates – so I ask a very nice Delta Associate who gives me directions to Continental Airlines. Concourse B – thru the very long blue tunnel – it made me dizzy changing colors and designs. Oh by the way we are underground!!!. At the end of the dizzy tunnel is a HUGE escalator!!! No way am I walking up that thing?! At top I see a Wendy’s – btw stomach growls breakfast didn’t last long. First we find the gate – wonderful only 2 gates from Wendy’s. Trust me nothing was better than fresh French fries at 10:15 am!!!

We sit at the gate waiting for the plane to arrive and then the clouds clear slightly and the sun comes out. I wonder can I take a picture of the plane? I ask the gate attendants and yes you can.

We get on the plane – we were in the last row great seating except for the “stinky” people as they left the restroom (know what I mean?). Our flight was labeled as a snack flight. The snack was a sandwich about 2 inches long 1 inch wide mine was turkey, Greg had ham. A ¾ oz of Fritos, a can of pop and the most important item 4 blocks of a Hershey’s bar!!!

We had a lot of clouds over Mi & Ohio. We were able to see the Ohio river (border of OH & KY) it looked very neat with clean boundries. We passed another river that was jagged you could tell parts that flooded or were like swamp land. Then another river that again was neat and tidy looking. The USA is certainly beautiful from 30000 feet!! Lots of brown fields, green fields, river and creeks, homes and roads as we flew overhead.

As we circle around Houston the clouds were again heavy but no or little rain. The clouds looked like fluffy mounds of Cool-Whip. Then we get into Houston; while Greg went out for a cigarette I sat and people watched. Interesting people; the different cultures, different styles of dress, and the heels that some ladies were wearing. One lady had at least 3 inch spiked heels!!! My hats off to her. There was one couple that moved a seat of overstuffed chairs to one end of the walkway then a few minutes later they came back with what appeared to be the same chairs.

We get to San Antonio and get checked into the first hotel – Crown Plaza. Very nice hotel, wonderful desk clerks and a very expensive restaurant. We were given directions to several restaurants within walking distance and we did that. We were right on the Riverwalk but due to the lights (very little) we could not walk around it. We crashed into a great sleep.

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