Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Earning extra money

Times are tough. Somehow I don't think that I need to mention that to nayone. One of the ways I earn extra money is to visit my point sites and earn them. Just today I requested a gift card from Home Depot thru Mypoints.com. Now I am not one to do a whole lot of online shopping so it takes me longer to earn the gift certificates jut for reading the email they send.

Another site to visit is Memolink.com. Just by visiting the site everyday you get the site of the day points, several surveys for points, videos of the day points. Memolink does take a bit longer to ern the awards but hey its easy enough. I do tend to doo more shopping thru Memolink such as Ebay I get points for any size purchase!!!

If your not a member of any of these sites please email me and I can send an invite. If you sign up thru my invite I do get credit and extra points.

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