Friday, September 18, 2009

Walgreen's trip 9/18/2009

Just a quick trip really only 20 minutes.

2 neopsporin used the $2 Walgreen's coupon and 2 50 cent manufacturer coupons received $3 register reward = 2 cent profit!!! Greg was very happy to see them and he is such fun to play the "guess who much I paid" price game.

2 oz Hand sanitizer (for our upcoming trip to TX)

1 box of Kleenix

1 bottle of Listerine no coupons but did get a $2 RR = paid 98 cents. Again Greg is happy he likes to use it and I only buy it when its cheap a bottle of peroxide only costs 50 cents.

1 food storage container on clearance for $1.98!!! I needed one to fit in my frig for the pickles.
AAA batteries for Greg's razor

Long envelopes for the wedding invitations.

Box of dried apricots and box of raisins (need for otameal cookie bars)

All this for $15.02 and I got back $5 in rr so a total of $10.02.

And one raincheck for True North nut clusters for free (due to rr deal)

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