Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall 2009

You know how on Food network they talk about needing Smell-O-Vision? Well today I need Sound-O-Vision. I was sitting outside enjoying my background, the sights, the sounds and the smells.

Sounds include crickets, the birds chirping (and hoping they don’t make a deposit on me). The kids playing throughout the mobile home park. The train’s (1/2 mile to the South) and the locusts. If you go buy the old wives tale once they start 6 weeks until the first frost, we have about 2 weeks. Funny the chief weatherman today mentioned that we could have frost coming towards beginning part of next week.

The sights include the cornfield waiting for harvest (its animal feed). Various weeds showing off pretty flowers.
Nice red apples on the ground and in the tree.
And the Maple tree that is just starting to change – look real close and you can see the red in the leaves.
My Marigolds now look so bright and cheery against the dirt of an empty garden.

The various animals are preparing for winter. Momma groundhog was just out eating her juicy weeds. The squirrels are running around collecting goodies and taking bites out of the apples. The stray cats are also getting fat (and not with babies).


  1. Great blog! Love the pictures and the descriptions of the sights and sounds.

  2. Thank you I tried to make up for the lack of sound-o-vision.