Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How I spent my day

Well thanks to some nice giving friends and family I was overrun with tomatoes. So I spent the afternoon chopping, coring, cooking and freezing tomatoes – including a bunch of globe size cherry tomatoes. I still have 2 or 3 more tomatoes growing and another person here in the park also has more growing so I most likely will be adding to the stash. Plus I still have green beans that are producing and the cabbage is still growing.

The total canning/freezing total for this year is:
7 half pints of tomatoes – canned
5 half pints of strawberry jam
5 half pints of pickled banana peppers
1 half pint of something I have no idea what it is
3 quart jars of cooked tomatoes with celery added – freezer
1 pint of tomato juice – will be the base for some vegetable soup
3 quart containers of chopped tomatoes – freezer
2 quarts of green beans (so far) – freezer

Worse yet, or better yet?, the apple tree has ripe fruit. See how Greg arranged some for me?
The apples will get peeled and cored. I think some will be made into apple pie filling and the rest will get either get canned or put in the freezer for use over the winter.

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