Friday, September 18, 2009


What do you get when you combine cucumbers, pickling salt, vinegar, dill seed, dill frons, garlic and water? PICKLES!!!! My first attempt at making pickles and as you can see I made way to many for the jars that I had. I thought I had quart jars but when I checked I did not so I used 10 half pint and 3 other larger containers. And I still have 10 cucumbers left to make pickle relish with.
Oh how do they taste??? Of course I had to check them and even though we can’t et them for 8 weeks they are great. One container will not make it the 8 weeks I keep stealing from it.


  1. I feel jealousy coming on again! Pickles are one of my favorite foods so you could put me on an island and give me pickles (maybe some fresh fruit to eat) and I'm good!