Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The man cave

Greg was outside cleaning up our yard today. He came in and said something about us sitting in the shed to be a bit warmer during this Fall. I admit i didn't really pay much attention after all its a small shed and we are 2 people.

I went outside to see what he was doing and to let him know that dinner was in the oven. He has set up a man cave in the shed. This is not expected to last long and then he will move his cave inside to the spare room.


  1. lol @ the man cave. That will take all of 5 minutes to get boring unless you can put up a big screen tv! The headpiece is beautiful btw.

  2. oh tell me about it - he took over the spare room today. And yes he has a tv - not big screen - and a lawn chair. Thank you Laura