Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our home

Let’s go back to January 2008. I happened to be looking for something in our newspaper when I came across an article about my now landlord. He had set up a program that gave mobile homes to low income people. The requirements were: no felony convictions, no drug or nasty child porn convictions and a minimum income of $1200 a month. I was intrigued; my future DH had just moved in with me, our lease was ending in 3 months and we were looking for a place that we could afford. Now I didn’t contact them immediately I had to think about it. I thought for 3 weeks and then decided to at least talk to the park management. My smarts and frugalness got the better of me and I turned in that application. We were accepted and March 13, 2008 we took over ownership of our new home. All we paid was the taxes for it - $68 and if you include the $50 “donation” for the application fee = $118 for a home we own free and clear.

Our home was built in 1965 – it’s the same age as I am, 55 feet long and 12 feet wide with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, the kitchen and living room. When we moved in the furnace, hot water tank and plumbing were all new. They did not supply a stove or the refreigerator so we rented from Rent A Center. Over the next year we bought these appliances one from RAC the other from a private party.

We have what I think is a nice lot and a covered patio (really nice). We have an apple tree towards the back the apples aren’t the prettiest but when they are cleaned up they are real nice (and free). Because of the amount of sun we get the lot is real nice for a garden. Trust me coming out our backdoor and seeing the garden right next to the door is really nice.

While I love my home and won’t give it up I have one comment to make. HOME OWNERSHIP IS NOT FOR WIMPS!!!!

The view out the back of our lot.

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