Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ah the bliss of the fabric store

I had to make a trip to Joann's today. Notice I said I HAD to, yes there was a little man standing behind me making me go there. I went to get fabric to make some butter and a new zipper for Greg's favorite jacket. I got the fabric, I went with Muslin at the suggestion of the employees.

I forgot the zipper. My only excuse was that I didn't look at that part of my shopping list. I put it at the top of the Black friday shopping list.

I also got distracted by the Halloween things in the clearance section. I got 2 wood, I need to paint, Pumpkins, a really cute wood turkey, a wood nativity scene, and a stuffed ugly pumpkin. I shouldn't call him ugly he is so ugly he is cute and had to come home with me.Now see I buy these things during the after holiday clearance and save them for the next year. Now I have all year to paint them and I can incorporate everything into next years wreath. Not on clearance, but on sale 40% off, I got a ceramic angel.

I also looked thru the pattern books and marked down some to pick up on Friday for 99 cents (Butterick).
Well then I headed over to the fabric - looking for something pink to make an apron for my son's girlfriend. Well I found some really cute fabric, but its red, but it has bears and paw prints on it!!!My son said it will be fine. See my son is called Bear as in - big as a bear, hairy as a bear, eats like a bear and is as angry as a bear when he wakes up from hibernation - Bear. Kelly is called Baby Bear or Baby Girl Bear.

Blessing to all.

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