Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sewing circle day

I run the sewing circle at my church and today was our monthly get to gether. We are small but mighty. The only regular members are my stepmom Patti and myself. We have met 3 times and each time it was us and 1 other person.
This is today's other attendee we call her Little Laura. The young kids actually started that since we had 2 Miss Laura's. She gets Little Laura since she is half my age.

Just a piece of our donated fabric. Its actually a pillowcase but in the spirit or useing anything possible its part of the quilt.
So far we have completed 2 crib size quilt tops.

This is part of the second topper.

All these quilts and the future ones will be donated to either needy church members or to other needy people.


  1. What a wonderful project! We used to give a baby quilt to each of the new Moms in the parish. Our new Priest had us stop for some reason. Sad, as there were a lot of prayers that went in to those quilts

  2. You're doing such good work, Laura. Well done! We have a sewing circle at my voluntary job and so similar work to yours.

    Congratulations on getting your job too.

  3. Katydid thanks for the idea we have 2 expecting mothers so I'll add them to the list.
    Rhonda Jean thank you for stopping by.