Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wind casualty

Out front of our home we have a huge Pine tree, the Christmas tree we call it.

Well not only does the pair of squirrels use the tree for entertainment but we had a pair of Cardinals that liked the tree.

Yesterday a nasty cold front started moving in bringing cold air, rain and lots of wind. The wind is so strong that it is blowing against the back wall of the home and I can feel the walls moving against my back. And we have a 6 ft tall shed behind our home!!!

Well when I ran out to put something in the mailbox I noticed a big pile of needles and mud on the sidewalk. A nest had been blown out of the tree. I was surprised at how well constructed it was. It feel from the tree, hit concrete and still managed to stay together.


  1. Oh thats so funny Laura! I just posted about a birdsnest my hubby got for me the other week!
    I always think they're so amazing - that this tightly woven perfect little nest was lovingly woven together by a bird who was never taught how to.

    Oh, this is Jenny (flowerchild) btw! Thought it was about time I checked out your blog.
    Very lovely!

    Hopefully I'll be able to send a letter out to you soon my friend!

    - Jenny

  2. thank you Jenny. I am also amazed by bird construction. How did they get that mud up in the tree??? then again maybe I don't want to know - it may gross me out. I look forward to your letter.