Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday November 23

Mackenzie having fun with her pinecone.

Sorry I had no update yesterday. My only excuse is that I was at church attending our Advent Workshop. First I took a craft for the kids - pinecone bird feeders.
The kids had a blast smearing the peanut butter all over the pinecones and then they got to play in the birdseed. The high point was the 5 year old former drug baby that had such fun playing in the bird seed. He lost quick interest in smearing the peanut butter but had so much fun just playing in the birdseed. To watch him and his face it was worth cleaning up the seed from the carpet!!!

I had signed up to make 5 cards and while tending my table I did them. The lady didn’t have any glue, just sticky dots, so when I send them out I will be touching up with glue.
See my inital card -the first time I've gotten to use my new last inital.

Today must have been declared stay in bed late day. I didn’t wake up to sit up and actually move until about 11 am. I did wake up a few times but just laid around and snoozed the morning away.

My internet activities today included entering my coke reward points for the week and spending a bunch that were due to expire. Can’t let those bad boys go to waste. So today I ordered a red Coke tote bag (I love the eco-friendly free bags), 30 free picture prints from Snapfish (Christmas is coming) and a years magazine subscription, Food Now. And I still have more that are sitting waiting for some good bargain.

Another internet shopping adventure was to visit to check out their Black Friday deals. I got Season 1 of Big Bang Theory, my favorite tv show. Its my Christmas present from Greg and I promise I’ll act surprised when I open it. I got it for $14.99 47% savings!! Hot dog gotta love a man that shops so well.

I also cleaned out Tweet’s cage. Simba and him had another encounter. The last time they met, Simba checked him out but when Tweet went nuts flapping and squawking, Simba was not impressed. Today Simba was being himself, a cat. I put Tweet (in the cage) on the floor while I cleaned the counter. He walked all around the cage, then he decided that Tweet needed to move and starting batting at the cage with his paw. Tweet was no impressed and didn’t move, didn’t say a word, just sat there. Simba went around to the other side of the cage, did the same thing. Tweet just sat there. They are back in their separate rooms and quite happy to ignore each other.

Well its dinner time, I have no idea what to cook so I’m off to check the freezer for inspiration.

Stop back tomorrow I’m heading to the fabric store – what will I come up with there??!!!

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  1. I remember making those pinecone birdfeeders.
    It looks like a great craft.

    Have fun at the Fabric store!!

    - Jenny