Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wacky day

Today was a mish mash wacky day. I was working on what prep work I could do for tomorrow. Well I am taking some homemade butter but wanted to wait until my stepson (Sam) arrived to start. Well when he arrived his Momma offered to run me to the grocery store.
We got our groceries and returned home. We bid farewell and safe travels to Alice.
Once we got back home I discovered that they maillady had run for the day. Special day I got my first letter from one of my new pen pals, J from Canada. Such lovely envelope and paper and talk about pretty handwriting. I look forward to a long correspondence with J.

Then I had to clear up the counter before I could even start the butter. So I washed dishes and cleaned the counter. Well that led to opening a bowl that was filled with vegetable parts to make vegetable broth. Started the broth with lots of broccoli, cauliflower, some onion, a couple small potatoes and an old tomato.

Finally started the butter. 1 carton of whipping cream, 1 electric mixer and 1 stainless steel bowl. Pour in cream, slowly turn on the mixer and mix and mix and mix and mix. The whipped topping appeared (but tasted yucky) so I beat it some more. Then I spotted them; chunks of butter. GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out he comes, along with Sam, to see what the problem was. “I’ve got butter!!!” So I end up with a really nice ball of butter to share with my family tomorrow.

By now the broth is ready, so I strain out the vegetables and let the broth cool a bit. I had to find room in the freezer and figure out which containers to store it in. I went with my very cheap Ziploc containers that I bought last week. I measured 2 ½ cups of broth in each container and they are now in my freezer ready for use.
Then I had to get ready for church some dear friends were getting re-married tonight. So watching Jenni and Jeff get married with just their family and us few special friends was a very touching ceremony. Then we had our Thanksgiving Eve service.

I should be baking a pumpkin cheesecake but I am worn out and heading to bed. May you all be blessed, like I am, with lots of love and friendship. Blessings to all.

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