Friday, November 27, 2009

I understand why they call it Black Friday

#1 because people that are not morning people are forced to be. I’m guilty of that and bless Greg’s heart he heard the TV come on and entered the room with caffeine.

#2 some nonsense about retailers coming out of the red ink and into profits. Blah Blah I heard it so much yesterday I am sick of hearing it.

#3 because it was black out when we left for the bus stop. But the sunrise was beautiful amongst the clouds.

We started at 6:35 heading to the bus.
First stop was Walgreen’s for toothpaste (Free after Register rewards), Deodorant (also free), 3 smelly candles (buy 1 at $8.99 get 2 free), 3 (50 count) pain killers (great deal) at 99 cents each.. Right now I am on hold for the store manager it looks like my candles did not ring up properly, I see 1 free instead of 2. Verdict is that it is right how it looks is charged for 1, charged for the second and the third is not charged and it reverses the charge for the second one. Clear as mud???

Then across the vacant mall to Kmart. There I bought:
5 holiday kitchen towels; 2 are for AJ (he asked for them) 3 I hope to create hanging towels and sell them.
2 Oven mitts – also for AJ
3 doormats ($2.99 each) for our place. Greg likes one inside each door and one outside.
4 Movies - 3 were $2.99 and one was $5 (but it has 4 movies). I let Greg pick out 2 and the other 2 are for Christmas. No movies for Christmas next year he grumbled about me doing 2 years in a row.
Slippers 4 pairs for me ($2.99 each) and a pair for Greg. These are all spares but at those prices I wasn’t going to pass it up.
A 3 piece shirt with beanie set for my nephew Zack
2 shirts for Greg
and a Farmers almanac for 2010.
I have to exchange the beanie set and one pair of slippers.

Then across the parking lot to Rite Aid3 more candles – buy 1 get 2 free but they were $5.99 and only 2 oz smaller than the Walgreen’s ones. I should have checked the ads better 2 oz = $3 more??? Shame on me.
Batteries for 99 cents: 2 packages of D size, a 9 volt (need to change the smoke detector one), and since they had sold out of the AA they substituted a 8 pack for $1.98 and I got 4 free in the pack.
Shave cream will be 99 cents after rebate
2 packs of razors 99 each for Greg
set of Philips ear buds (headphones) that will be free after rebate
stick of cocoa butter for Sam
Old spice deoradant 99 cents after rebate
12 pack Cottonelle
another movie (some creepy, yucky, he can watch while I am not home movie)

Across the parking lot to Waffle House – food was needed

Across the street to Joann fabricSewing machine carry case (for stepmom) – it was like 66% off
Flannel – 2 different patterns 3 yards each (lounge pants for Greg)
University of Michigan - 3 yards special lounge pants
New zipper for his beloved Michigan fleece jacket
Famcy buttons for the hanging towels - 50% off
Special bear buttons – for AJ and 50% off
Cutting blade for my fabric cutter 50% off
Bias tape for Kelly’s apron
Assorted picks (for wreath and 70% off). I got drums, gift box and 2 stars
Cardstock paper (was BOGO)
And they had a coupon in the paper for 20% off your order so I saved another $9
Then we came home. I’m worn out and ready to take a nap

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  1. Looks like you had a good shopping trip, it gets so busy here from now till christmas you want to stay away from the shops.