Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cloth bags and military salute

Dear friends, I’m sorry I was working for a couple of long days.

Today I wish to brag about my cloth bags. I started using cloth bags around 2001 when I first started taking the bus to and from the grocery store. You need something strong to carry heavy objects to and from.

Currently I have 11 bags. The first one is the cat bag – my mom bought it at a cat show for me. The most recent purchase is the Halloween bag bought today at 70% off for a whopping 37 cents!!! While we waiting for the taxi to come I was thinking I should have picked up more!!! They are a nice sturdy build and should hold up to the abuse they will receive.

The bag that is pictured separately is Greg’s special beer bag. He carries it to and from the carry out – the perfect size to hold 2 beers and a pack of cigarettes.
Also as a Granddaughter, a sister, a niece, and a cousin of members or former members of our Armed Forces I salute all our current and retired military members. thank you for your work to keep the world safe.

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