Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frugal shopping for this week 11/29

So far I only have 2 stores figured out. I didn't buy a paper due to the holiday and only the stinky P&G insert. I'll get my Dad's on Tuesday so there was no need for me to buy anymore.

Rite Aid
Black friday my shopping was $1.16 short from getting the $10 special holiday rebate - eerrrrr. But I have until Dec 24th to get that.
Gillette Fusion razor $9 with a $5 single check rebate and $4 manu coupon from Dad's insert. = Free and I'll sell it at a yard sale next summer (they sold well this summer).

Febreeze Noticeable starter kit $5.99 minus $2 SCR minus $1 manu coupon = $2.99 (possible addition to the yard sale mix)

Febreeze candle $5.99 minus $2 SCR minus $1 manu coupon = $2.99 (we will use this)

Always or Tampax $2.99 minus $1 SCR
Total equals 23.97 - $10 in SCR - $6 in manu coupon - $5 off $20 order for watching videos = grand total oop $2.97. OOPS not including the $10 rebate that I just qualified for big profit!!!!

Walgreen's (can't go until 12/2 due to sale dates)
To start I have $6 in Register rewards from Black friday to start the deal with.
Goody hair accessories $2 with a $2 Register reward (RR). If I don't use them for my hair; I'll save them for my Christmas Child shoeboxes next year. If I get a good many over the coming year, I may sell some at my yard sales.
Band Aid bandages 2/$3 I have a Walgreen's coupons (from the activity book) for $2 each plus a $1 RR will spit out. I am curious how this will work out, I will be happy if the coupon adjusts and I get them free with the $1 RR but I could be looking at a profit of $1.
Dawn 99 cents minus 25 cent manu coupon = 74 cents. We use but also a really good seller at the yard sales - it is the only detergent that I sold any of this past summer.
True North nut clusters free with rain check
Reach toothbrushes - 99 cent raincheck plus $3 off 3 coupon = free. Will either be donation for food pantry, Christmas boxes or sold at yard sale.

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