Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas season is here!!!

The start of the parade.Mexican dance troop
The military unit. We have the 180th Fighter Wing stationed right outside of town. In the past 2 years they have been sent to Iraq 3 times.

Another dance troop
The drums for the above dance troop

The Anderson's (a regional farm/home store) sent their John Deere

Every parade is well represented by the local fire dipartment. This unit (Station 5) are called the River Rats. They are closest to the river and take all the calls regarding people in the river.

More shriners.

The Shriners and their Harley's

Not only has Thanksgiving and Black Friday come and gone but THE BIG MAN came today to Toledo. Today was the Holiday parade in Downtown Toledo. The weather cleared from yesterday but was still cold and so winter like.

The parade starts with the Pre-Parade the local Shriners.
Shriners are a wonderful philanthropic organization, here is a link to read about them.
Well here in Toledo they always start the parade with their cute little bikes, the 2 fighter plane models and the Lancers (their little red cars).

It was a typical parade, lots of kids, lots of clowns, the clown troop are actually "famous" members of our city government.
some horses, a couple beauty queens, balloons, marching bands and the man himself, SANTA!!!!! (everyone yell SANTA!!!!)


  1. Hi Shari yes it was. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your doing well.