Monday, November 9, 2009

Food Sunday

My church supports a thrift store/food pantry. Every month (the second Sunday) we collect food and money for the shop. I try to donate something each month and I usually use my coupons and sales to get it for free or very cheap. This month was lean in my donations for various reasons but I did manage to gather:

2 tubes of toothpaste

2 containers of dental floss

2 can of Campbell's tomato soup

The cost was $1.88. Not much this month but I'll start shopping this week for next month. Well after next week I'll gather for the church. Next week a Masonic group I belong to is doing a food drive for a different food bank so that will come first. The coupons and sales should be good next week (before Thankegiving) so I should be able to gather lots of goodies.

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